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If you are charged with a criminal offense in the State of North Carolina the final results of your case can permanently affect your life. Fines, court costs, attorney fees call add up quickly. Criminal convictions can prevent you from getting work, housing and schooling. I am Rocky Mount Criminal Lawyer, Tommy Moore, and I understand the seriousness of all the criminal charges my clients bring me. My goal is to do all in my power to get the best result possible based on the charge, the facts and the law. Most importantly it is my job to listen to my client and fully and completely answer all of their concerns.


These are the lowest level of offenses in North Carolina. They are primarily traffic related charges such as some speeding tickets, open containers, and unsafe movements to name a few. Infractions do no effect criminal records but can create license and insurance problems. All moving violations potentially can cost you in insurance premiums and this is why it is so important to contacts Moore Law if you are ever issued a citation.


Moore Law has handled hundreds of DWIs over the years. To be convicted of DWI the State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an individual operated a motor vehicle on a highway or public vehicular area (parking lot) while impaired (by some substance). While that may seem simple there is absolutely nothing simple about DWI law in North Carolina. You need a lawyer that understand the complexity of the ever changing DWI laws, governing impaired driving and sentencing. Moore Law will thoroughly investigate all the facts and apply that to the law in order to properly evaluate every individual DWI case that comes in to the office.

Drug Charges

Whether it’s simple possession of marijuana or trafficking of heroin, Moore Law handles all sorts of drug offense in District and Superior Court. Many of these charges can be handles by having the prosecution deferred and lead to an eventual dismissal and expungement.


Criminal charges and convictions can create wide ranging problems for people in their work, housing, and education. Many cases can be expunged, and these records can be wiped clean. For years, the legislature, both Democrats and Republicans, have continuously expanded the expungement laws. Thus, more and more people are eligible for relief. However, the statutes have gotten more complicated and for ranging. I have done hundreds of expungements for clients over the years. I have made it a priority to understand all of the changes in the laws, and often I find a way to clear a client’s record

License Restoration

There are many reasons why people lose their privilege to drive in North Carolina. Moore Law understands DWI laws and regulations and has worked to restore drivers licenses for hundreds of clients all over Eastern North Carolina. Maybe you had tickets that were overlooked, Tommy Moore; I can have reinstated and amended for the best possible result. If your case is outside of Edgecombe, Nash or Wilson Counties, I will contact my statewide network of the best attorneys in their field. Maybe a Motion for Appropriate Relief is all you need to be able to get your license back. Often a hearing with a DWM officer is required to get restored. I have experience handling all of the ways you can get your license back.

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